Bilgi Toplumu Hizmetleri

Production Technology

Founded in 1970 with a capacity of 150 m3/day, today ORMA has reached 2.160 m3/day capacity.

Located 4 kms from Isparta in South Turkey, the ORMA complex covers an area of 400.000 m2; 70.000 m2 of which consist of covered space and the complex comprises the following plants:

  • 3 chipboard plants with a total capacity of 691.200 m3/year
  • Decorative paper impregnation plant with a capacity of 80.000.000 m2/year
  • Melamine faced chipboard plant with a capacity of 12.000 Board/Day
  • Metal manufacturing plant with a capacity of 50.000 kg/year
  • Multi-purpose cut-to size line automized fully

The complex where raw forest wastes are manufactured into durable and versatile products through the most advanced production technology compatible with world standards.