Bilgi Toplumu Hizmetleri

Wide Range of Chipboard


An environmentally - sound alternative to first - grade lumber. One of the key components of ORMA product range. Processed wood panels made by chipping ungraded forest waste into tiny pieces, placing the chips in a drying oven to achieve the desired degree of moisture and mixing them with glue. Bottom, middle and top layers are flattened into sheets, then pressed at high heat until solid. After being sanded and aged, the panels are ready for use.

E1 Chipboard

In the interest of improved health standards, the amount of the free formaldehyde in 100 g. of dry board in E1 Chipboard is below 8 mg., thus archieving highest world standards.

MDF (Melamine Faced Chipboard - ORMALAM)

Versatile and practical. Antistatic, resistant to scratching, cracking and friction, melamine faced chipboard is color fast and easy to clean, giving a flawless appearance for minimal cost. Produced by coating decorative paper with a melamine resin and applying it into the surface of chipboard with high pressure and heat.