Respect for human. Respect for tree. Respect for life

Respect for human. Respect for tree. Respect for life

Respect for human. Respect for tree. Respect for life


Orma is one of the most important and reliable companies in the sector with its long years of knowledge and corporate identity. In 1970, Orma was established on a land of 50 thousand square meters, 5 km from the city center. In Şevket Demirel's words "Isparta, an industry is being established to fully utilize forest products and other wood products and wastes. This industry will establish a private enterprise." Following the establishment of Orma, high-quality chipboard product has continuously developed with designs and surfaces that determine the market and has become the pioneer of the sector and has reached today with its sustainable production approach. The Orma brand is commemorated with quality and success and continues its production without sacrificing it. It started its first integration with a particle board unit with a capacity of 150 m3 / day, a natural coating unit of 5,000 m2 / day and closed sheet units of 400 sheets/day. In parallel with the needs of the furniture sector, it has renewed itself and today has three chipboard plants with a total capacity of 2,160 M3 / day, one of which is integrated in an area of 500 thousand square meters, 70 thousand square meters of which is closed and three impregnation lines with a total capacity of 90 million M2 / year and a total of 4,500,000 units. The company continues to produce particleboard and melamine coated particle board with four coating lines/year capacity.

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In the Orma facilities, the remaining wood from Turkish forests that The General Directorate of Forestry maintains, industrial waste grater, saw, cover boards and laths are being used in the production line with the principle of "Respect to the Tree." In Orma, Turkey's one of the advance and comprehensive facilities with world-standard technology, forest wastes transforms into enhanced consumer goods. With its most essential asset workers and advanced technology facilities, Orma aims to maintain its position as the leading supplier of furniture sector with its corporate identity and to maintain it in the future with its corporate identity. Together with its subcontractors, it provides employment opportunities for approximately 415 employees. Orma produces Chipboard (YL), an alternative to wood material, more than 200 patterns and melamine coated particle board (MKYL) on nearly 15 surfaces. Orma is one of the few companies that provide added value to our country with its exports to 32 countries on 5 continents. Orma products are used in areas such as Volume Dividers, Kitchen Areas, Kitchen Cabinets, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, Closets, Dressing Rooms, Bathroom, Cabinets, Offices, Boutiques, Children's Rooms, Teenager Groups, Studio, Lifts, Banks, Practice Areas, Education Sites, Entertainment Places, Factories, Fairgrounds, Libraries, Washing Machine Tops, Dishwasher Tops, Prefabricated Buildings, School, Hotels

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Hayatta ya bahaneler vardır, ya da sonuçlar. Bizim işimiz sonuç elde etmek.

Sn. Şevket Demirel

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Respect the tree since 1970.

Discover the factory in Isparta, ORMA, the pioneer and trendsetter of the wood plate sector with its long-standing knowledge and corporate identity.