High Quality Products

Orma with total production capacity of 2250 m³/day produce chipboard, melamine faced chipboard and green chipboards (which can be used in humid conditions) within 4 melamine coating presses, the latest technology complete sizing plant and 3 chipboard production facilities.


Chipboard is a plate made of wood raw materials (wood chips, chips, sawdust, etc.) obtained by mixing and hot pressing of glue and hardeners and has wide usage area. Chipboards are produced in various thicknesses and qualities within certain standards.

Applicable Areas

There are various uses of chipboards including furniture industry and also as a building material.

Melamine Faced Chipboard

Melamine faced chipboards are products that result from pressing the chipboard with the impregnated decorative paper under a certain temperature and pressure for a certain period of time. MFC offers various usage possibilities for furniture, office and interior among 13 different surfaces on around 200 decors that produced in different thicknesses and sizes.

Applicable Areas

Furniture Industry: Bedrooms, Young Rooms, Kitchen, Dining Rooms, Children’s Rooms, Office, Closets, Cloakrooms, TV Units, Bath Cabinets, Dideboards, Kitchen Tables, Chairs, Coat Stands, Television Tables, Headboards, Bed Base, Dresser, Counters, Meeting Tables.

Construction Material: Seperators, Amusement Places, Library, Bureau, Factory, Upper Table of the White Appliances, Studio, Boutiques, Banks, Elevator, Fairs, Medilcal Offices, Educational Fields, Yachts and Boats, Hotels


Mirror Shine(HG), Smooth flat(P), Wood Structure(AY), Oak Structure(MS), Sand texture(KB), Thin Sand Texture(B), Natural(DS), Short Cross-Section(S), Ash Tree Structure(D), Wood Line(WL), Silk mat(SM), Textile Surface(TY), Break Wood(BW).

Humid Resistant Chipboards

In the production of green chipboards which are produced in order to be used in humid conditions such as kitchen and bathroom, humid resistant glue and chemicals are used. The reason for the green color of the plate is that green coloring is added during production in order to indicate that it can be used in humid environments. Moisture resistant sheets are more resistant to water and moisture than regular plates; but this does not mean that it will not be affected by water and moisture at all.

Applicable Areas

It is suitable for humid environments such as kitchen, bathroom.