Human Resources

Competence and motivated employees

Our human resources policy is to make a difference with employees who have high competence, motivation, and performance. Principles of our HR policy; To gain the qualified workforce to our group, to invest in the development of employees, to improve the organization, to increase employee motivation and loyalty. Training needs of our employees are determined and contributed to their development. An objective and fair assessment are made by taking into account competencies, targets, and individual performances.

Would you like to join the Orma team?

Our company's selection and placement system; is to give equal opportunity to those who have the competencies (knowledge, skill, behavior) required by the job and who have adopted the values of the company without making any discrimination and without giving any privilege. Our main principle in selection and placement is based on the provision of the right candidates for the right job. The common feature sought for candidates to be hired by Orma is to have the training, technical knowledge, and competencies required by the position.

In the recruitment process, which aims to match the right candidate with the appropriate position, the Orma database, career portals, and individual applications are evaluated for open positions. If you want to be a part of our growing and expanding family, you can contact us by filling out the job application form on our site or by contacting our advertisements in our career pages.

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